My Daughter's Birthday

My  lovely daughter  was about to turn 7 , Sunday August 30th happens to be my daughter Sneha’s birthday, me along with my wife planned to throw her a birthday party.  As she is our only child our priceless possession, we thought of hosting an enjoyable birthday bash and dinner party at the finest Rooftop cafe known as Skywaft.  We chose this place, because it has a crowd that congregates both younger and older folks blending all together at one blissful abode. We had  heard from a distant kinsman that food here is heavenly  with exceptional visual artistry , the ambiance , decor is designed dazzlingly for flawless birthday night and the sky lounge grill and bar is also amazing and lovely .

Famous for its delicious Andhra cuisine we really wanted to celebrate the exceptional event make it memorable and blissful with our close friends and family. As the special day arrived we were looking forward to enjoy with our little one along with our guests, I must say the food especially the veg and non-veg buffet was mouth-watering for the taste was authentic, my daughter was having a great time with her classmates and their parents were also enjoying their quality time .  Meanwhile the karaoke, music added heartiness and sparkle. I remember having a great time at the beer bar lounge with my friends and relatives enjoying the heavenly drinks.  The ambiance is just so lovely; Illumination plays a key factor in the interior at Skywaft. I was fascinated by the amusing open surrounding as all my guests were comfortably seated which included relatives, colleague’s friends enjoying their fine dine and drinks under awning of glittering stars

What I enjoyed the most is that this sky lounge grill and pub has a unique vibe which creates so much cheerfulness; I can recall all my guests were very delighted by the hospitality, warmth and cosines of this place.  Amidst everything my darling daughter felt valued, treasured and most importantly loved.  I am grateful that Skywaft could cater to my expectations, for they offered us the finest rooftop dining with all the amusing stuff they provided as which made her day an unforgettable one.  Skywaft is a classic example of sheer ecstasy and pleasure for obvious reason, created the nicest memory I would cherish forever this place would be always treasured in my heart because my daughter had an exceptional evening.


  1. Thank you so much for enjoying your daughter's birthday bash hope to see you visiting us more often .

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